Saturday, December 11, 2010

Plenty of Ammo, only one target, fire away!

I was down in Vegas a few weeks ago and not being a gambler there isn't much for a guy to do, but I did see a few things that caught my eye. If I had the limitless wallet of the Round Rock gunslingers I would go down to one of those shooting ranges and get myself some automatic weapons and blast away.. at $1 per bullet it probably makes as much sense as the slots!

One place I can find limitless ammo is right here in dellhell... the cowboys in Round Rock went bad many years ago and although I can't report any cattle rustling I can sure as hell find some pretty shady hustling going on just about any day of the week. Seems the bad guys just never learn...

November 19, 2010 - PCMAG reports that Dell knowingly sold faulty computers to customers, computers BTW that had a failure rate in some cases of %100!!! How did dell deal with the issue? Here is a quote for those to lazy to click on the link... "...Dell documents also indicates that the system "mail [sic] fail to boot or experience a thermal shutdown due to failed motherboard with bulged capacitors". The same document urges Dell representatives to "urge uncertainty" in dealing with the issue, not to bring up the issue proactively, and not to promise to exchange any machines that had not failed yet."

November 28, 2010 - PCWORLD released its 2010 Reliability and Service Survey and here is what they have to say about Dell, "...home customers say that Dell's problem-solving skills are mediocre at best." Really? Mediocre? Is that what I expected? Wanted? Paid for?

November 28, 2010 - PCWORLD also reported on this day in an article titled "The Tech Brands You Can Trust" that Dell is the second worst computer manufacturer you can possibly buy from these days... so don't just take our word for it... buyer beware, you will get what you paid for, which in the case of a dell computer is crap service and dodgy computers.

So there is a snapshot of one week in DellHell... I haven't got time to wade through the last few weeks, but you get the idea... I will just leave off with two more quotes.. these from readers of DellHell Revisited...

December 7, 2010 - A DellHell Revisited reader says this about his recent entry to DellHell.... "Just entered Dell Hell. I ordered a computer - lo and behold, it is defective. Over seven hours so far talking to customer service/tech support in India. They have a script. They cannot deviate. It is infuriating. A week later I am still sitting with a defective computer."

December 7, 2010 - Another DellHell Revisited reader had this to say as well... "Right on! I have experienced Dell Hell many times in my 18+ years working with computers, networks, websites, software, I have found Dell to be irresponsible and dishonest. Customer service, HA!"

So if you were thinking of computers or peripherals as christmas gifts this season, you might want to think again if you were thinking Dell... they don't rustle cows in Round Rock but they sure do hustle the public...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dell Customer Service vs Apple?

So here I am, still blogging away in a vain and ill disguised attempt to get even with Dell for selling shoddy products and backing that up with infamous customer service... That's right... Infamous... I love that word, it rolls off the tongue quite nicely... Try it!

Well, using silicon valley methodology, (despite Dell's Round Rock roots) my readership is about to double and we are projecting year end readership will have grown 980% over last year!

I like the sound of round rock roots too, that would be a good name for a Texas band!

Anyway, i digress... All four of you have remained loyal these many years in the wilderness, but now I can tell you that your ranks are about to swell!

I told the girl at the Apple store, who had just replaced my broken, out of warranty iPhone with a free replacement, about Dell Hell Revisited. She is sure to read this and so are her friends!!! I'm ready for my IPO!

So Anna @ Apple, her friends and family, I say a big hello and welcome...

To Michael @ Dell I say "bite me"!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dell Hell - By the Numbers 15

Well, this one is going to be fun, I love doing the "By the Numbers" blogs because they give us a chance to quantify disaster. So let us jump in at the deep end... the deep end being in the cesspool of Round Rock Texas, corporate HQ of Dell and spiritual home of DellHell.

94 - Number of related news stories on Google News regarding Dells dirty dealings as pointed out over the last few days on this blog and many others. And those 94 sites actually have readers, unlike this one! They include PC WORLD, NY TIMES, CNN MONEY, NPR, THE GUARDIAN and a host of other mainstream news outlets... ENGADGET, a well respected tech magazine had my favorite headline of the bunch "Dell responds to latest capacitor-related fallout, ignores the whole lying to consumers part"

50,000 - A random figure representing readers per media outlet above. We have no way of estimating the actual readership of the articles so we are using 50,000 just for the mental exercise here. I mean we ARE talking the NY TIMES and PC WORLD...

4,700,000 - The estimated number of people who have read the articles about Dell delinquency using our figures above.

47,000 - Number of lost customers if only 1% of those people never buy another dell because of this bad publicity.

705,000 - Number of products lost if each person were to have purchased 15 items in their remaining lifetime.

70,500,000 - Dollars lost to dell from those customers.

Now lets have some real fun... remember we are just using figures from the top of my head and I am trying to be fair and simple.

470 - Number of execs with purchasing power at their company who are 1% of the lost customers above

1000 - Computers and accessories purchased every 5 years by each of the execs

2,820,000 - Product sales lost by dell during the career of these execs (30 years)

2,820,000,000 - Dollars of lost sales over 30 years because of this scandal

So we can see from even this simplistic exercise that Dell will take a VERY significant hit from this shoddy behavior, especially if one considers the $300 million in fines they are on target for, and remember that this behavior was encouraged by the top executives, perhaps a shareholder revolt is in order before the fire in the barn in Rim Rock becomes a 5 alarmer and burns down the whole place.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From Frying Pan to Fire or Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?

Two blogs in two days... can only mean two things... Dell is at it again and I am bored.

Reaction to the news of the past few days re: dell shipping faulty computers and scamming customers with B.S. and a bit of smoke and mirrors, has brought out the spin doctors in full force.

Lionel (I have kids to feed) Menchaca and other spin doctors at Dell had this to say on the issue... "Dell did not knowingly ship faulty motherboards, and we worked directly with customers in situations where the issue occurred," and then stuck their collective foot even further into their mouth with this tidbit... "Dell suspended use of Nichicon capacitors after we discovered a problem in its manufacturing process,"

What Lionel fails to tell us is that Dell was aware of the problem in January of 2004 (rival HP stopped shipping computers with these capacitors in March 2004). Dell on the other hand continued to order these faulty capacitors from the supplier and sell computers with them installed until late 2005!! And in fact a review by Dell itself found "that OptiPlex computers affected by the bad capacitors were expected to cause problems up to 97 percent of the time over a three-year period".

In a final and hilarious twist to the story, the law firm defending Dell was itself affected by the computer failures and several emails to that effect are part of the court record! Dell even tried to B.S. their own lawyers!

So can we sum up by saying Dell has been lying to customers for years and continues to do so? Bill Snyder in PC World seems to think so, he had this to say... "Only a rotten company sells defective computers and lies about it." and threw this in as well... "it will always be tainted by the scandal and by its shocking breach of faith with customers" and signed off on the article with this..."Every now and then the company trots out a sincere-sounding exec to announce yet another initiative about improved quality and customer service. I don't believe them any more. This is how companies fade away and die."

So you tell me, is Dell full of good old Texas Bullshit? It would seem the executive offices in Round Rock are knee deep in it and rising at the moment.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dell's Dirty Dealings and Plummeting Share Value

So after a brief hiatus while I spent some time at the Olympics and then relocated to a place best left unmentioned due to it's utter lack of charm or other redeeming qualities, I happened to google Dell news today and lo and behold, what do I find?

Here is a quote from Money.CNN

"From 2003 to 2005, Dell sold computers with faulty capacitors that allegedly caused most motherboards on two Dell Optiplex models to break, rendering the computers useless. Dell was aware of the issue, according to recently unsealed court documents from a pending lawsuit, yet continued to sell the computers anyway.

Though the juiciest details are still sealed by the court, several internal company e-mails show that Dell instructed its sales staff to downplay the malfunctions to customers.

"We need to avoid all language indicating the [mother]boards were bad or had 'issues,'" Jeff DilLullo, a Dell sales manager, wrote in a March 2004 e-mail.

One December 2004 e-mail shows that the company was hiding the reason for and severity of the crashes from its customers.


Hey Lionel Menchacha... if you are still working for these dirtbags I would love to hear from you... how do you spin this on Direct2Dell? (BTW Lionel, You can respond here, I don't follow Direct2Dell anymore, no point.)

Here is a quote for you Lionel, from one of your own bean counters at Dell and it says exactly what I was telling you was the reason you swines wouldn't fix my daughters computer even though you know darn well it was a turkey...

"we open ourselves up to a flood of customers wanting whole system replacements -- which would be disastrous."

Another quote from the same article indicates that this sort of behavior is not unusual at Dell...

"Dell recently set aside $100 million for a settlement it is negotiating with the Securities and Exchange Commission on a bundle of fraud charges stemming from years of accounting violations. An internal Dell investigation, completed in 2007, found that company officials improperly manipulated Dell's reserve accounts -- such as those set aside to cover product warranty claims -- to hide earnings shortfalls.

Not just A fraud charge... a BUNDLE of fraud charges... who would have guessed?

Spokesman David Frink, when asked about the issue of the faulty computers had this to say "old news."

Well maybe so, but did he notice in the last few weeks that Dell's share price has plummeted %26? It has been obvious for years that Dell no longer gives a damn about it's consumer customers, and PC sales to the consumer market have responded by dropping dell down the list of world leaders in PC sales year after year... but now with a bitter taste in their mouths resulting from fraud convictions and a very questionable set of customer service values, will Dell's corporate customers go the same way?

Let's hope so, Dell has earned it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Straight from the Horses' Mouth

So what is wrong with Dell? Why shouldn't you purchase dell products? Well, please don't take my word for it, do your research and always respect the warning of "buyer beware"... here are a few recent items straight from the horses' mouth...

Still providing crap service... two key quotes from this link for those too lazy to go look for themselves... "I know it's impossible to find the perfect vendor, however Dell gives many reasons to look at competitors", and for me the most telling of all "I also experienced another recent problem with Dell Latitude e4300 machines where the original motherboard was causing Windows to "lock up" at random. Replacing the motherboard fixed the issue in 5 separate machines. There are also posts all over Google on this very same issue, yet Dell has not acknowledged any problem whatsoever, or offered a recall to the problem".

A comment on the above link is also very clear on what the problem is... "Totally agree with you on this one. Our department (schools services) has now switched over to buying new machines from HP, which work very well. The reason we switched from Dell to HP is due to the lack of support and the hardware in the pc's fail after a year or two. The support helpline was never 'helpful' always talking to someone overseas who would arrange a visit, if needed, from a technician in Glasgow, why they couldnt just give us the number for the Glasgow centre (believe me we constantly asked) is a mystery. I wouldnt recommend to anyone to buy Dell anymore as they dont live up to their own expectations and as soon as they have your money, you might as well take a out a service agreement with someone on the moon, then at least your problem might be solved quicker."

In the market place investors would seem to agree... noting the poor results of Dell compared to HP in the last quarter. Small wonder if one takes into account the two commentators above... Way to go, Michael Dell!

So there are a few more things to think about when you go out to buy a computer.

If you are a masochist I highly recommend DellHell...

Monday, January 25, 2010

119,000 Canadians cannot be wrong

Dell has been facing a number of class action lawsuits during the past few years and today they have recieved word that they will be getting their day in court, despite their best efforts to avoid it.

119,000 Canadians are participating in a class action suit in Toronto, Canada which relates to faulty computers from the 1100, 1150, 5100, 5150 and 5160 Inspiron laptop computer lines. Dell appealed the class action and as usual dell seems to be oblivious to the tens of thousands of complaints, insisting that they have done nothing wrong and the computers in question are a fine product...

Well folks, if one person tells you a dell is crap and so is the customer service, that is one thing. But when 119.000 people are saying it perhaps you should take heed.

I for one am very happy to see this class action finally moving ahead... Dell, and more importantly, the customers they have sold this crap to, are finally going to get their day in court.

In another sign of trouble in Round Rock, Acer founder Stan Shih predicts Dell will disappear entirely within the next 20 years, citing Dells inability to compete in the ever tightening marketplace. Shih should know, Acer overtook Dell last year for the number two spot among computer manufacturers world-wide and is expected to take over #1 spot from HP in the coming year.

Could not come soon enough for me...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dell loses identity, market share and customers, Way to Go Michael!

It's been awhile since I've had time to worry about Dell, the ski season is in full swing and I am working for the Olympics preparing the race courses. I also own an Acer notebook now so I don't think of dell so often as I used to!

But not to worry, while I have been away, the oracles at Dell (nice pun, eh?) have continued to drive the company into a catagory somewhere between HP, Acer, Apple and Meaningless.

Have a read of an article which ponders the question "Who is Dell". Even the guys who follow this sort of thing no longer know... yikes!

Here is a quote for those of you too lazy to follow the link...

"Who is Dell? A memory lingers but little else, less because of Dell's relevance in any given market, more because it's difficult to surmise what the company stands for any more. None among our own long-time market observers and CIO advisory board members can articulate Dell's identity. It's amid this haze that several us journey this week to Round Rock, Texas, hopeful but skeptical.

Dell's market share in its traditionally strongest markets--PCs and servers--has declined: Acer has overtaken Dell in worldwide PC shipments, according to some figures , and the company's share continues to slip in the U.S. Dell's server sales are a distant third behind IBM's and HP's. Dell will likely always matter here, shipping server congeries to cloud providers and enterprises for pedestrian processing tasks, or desktops and laptops through retail channels or directly online; but all that it imagined and invented has become banal and mimicked and, worse, less profitable."

So lets find the key words and phrases in those two paragraphs... skeptical, declined, overtaken, distant third, banal, mimicked, less profitable... double yikes!

Keep in mind this is a company who once had a share price, and a market share, that were the envy of the business world... what happened?

Poor product support led the way due to poor products... misguided management helped it along and arrogance finished it off... that would be my guess.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dell Hell - By the Numbers 14

Well this is cheap and nasty doing another "By the Numbers" so soon after the last, but then again the whole topic is about cheap and nasty, so why not?

I was showing a friend the anti-dell video "My PC is on Fire" on youtube and that led to wondering about the total views since I began this blog... that led to playing on google and the new microsoft search engine bing using various key words involving dell.. so here we go, and we will kick it off with my favourite!

227,706 - Views of "My PC is on Fire" from May 21, 2007

440,781 - Views of "My PC is on Fire" as of August 23, 2009

213,075 - Views of "My PC is on Fire" since I began this blog (NOTE: I did NOT create the video, I have far too little talent for that masterpiece!).

213 - Number of people who viewed that video if I was responsible for driving .001% of the traffic to it.

2 - Number of lifetime customers lost by Dell if 1% of those .001% choose not to buy dell products.

4407 - Number of lifetime customers lost by dell if 1% of ALL viewers of that video choose not to buy a dell product.

1,950,000 - Number of hits on Google using the keywords "Dell" and "Lawsuit".

12,200,000 - Number of hits on Bing using the keywords "Dell" and "Lawsuit".

52,800,000 - Number of hits on Google using the keywords "Dell" and "Problem".

69,000,600 - Number of hits on Bing using the keywords "Dell" and "Problem".

1,420,000 - Number of hits on Google using the keywords "Dell" and "Hell".

7,790,000 - Number of hits on Bing using the keywords "Dell" and "Hell".

33,600 - Number of hits on Google using the keyword "Dellhell".

107,000,000 - Number of hits on Bing using the keyword "Dellhell".

551,000 - Number of hits on Google using the keywords "Angry", "Dell" and "Customer".

594,000 - Number of hits on Bing using the keywords "Angry", "Dell" and "Customer".

So what did we learn from all this? Three things...

Don't buy Dell products least you too wind up in Dell Hell.

If you are going to try out Bing be prepared for a lot of sifting to get what you need.

Social Media is a powerful tool for striking back at corporations who try to run roughshod over their customers.

So, to all three of my readers I say "well done", together we will bring Texas Justice to Round Rock, just like the guy in the white hat used to do in the movies.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

More from Dell Hell, will they never learn?

One would think that after four years of promises from Dell to fix the sorry state of affairs in the Customer service department that something would have happened... and it did!

Things got worse! Hard to believe? Then consider this... after hundreds of millions of dollars, endless promises from Mr Dell himself and customers are still getting the same old B.S.

Here is yet another Classic story of Dells' customer service, you can decide for yourself if you really want to follow this poor guy down the road to DellHell...

Pete had purchased a three-year, extended replacement warranty from Dell, so on Thursday morning he called technical support. "Between Thursday and Saturday," he says, "I must have spent over 20 hours on hold. While being transferred from technical support to customer service and back again, I began to think the call center was being paid by the number of call transfers. Not until late Saturday afternoon was I connected to anyone who could provide technical support. He diagnosed my problem as a burned out motherboard."

The technician shipped a replacement motherboard to an authorized repair agent in the city where Pete's daughter was attending college and made an appointment for Monday morning to meet Pete and make the fix. "This was getting close to the beginning of my daughter's classes and my plans to depart to make the 800 mile drive home on Tuesday," says Pete.

Pete waited at the appointed location with his cell phone in his pocket. "No one showed," he says. "And no one called." After two hours, he called and fell right back into the technical support vs. customer service loop he'd endured on Saturday. He spent several frustrating hours on the phone looking for someone who could help.

"Finally, with no logical end in sight," he says. "I gave up. I went to a local retailer and purchased another laptop for my daughter to use at school and began the long drive back home with the broken Dell in my car."

Two days after he got home, the repair technician called Pete. Now he was ready to repair the laptop. "He didn't find it particularly funny that I was several states away," says Pete. "And he had no intention of shipping the motherboard to me or a repair technician near my home. He said he would return the motherboard to Dell and that I should start over again in that endless customer service vs. technical support loop again. No thanks! It will be a cold day in you know where before I subject myself to that experience again."

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Brothers in Arms

Americans like catchy phrases, and if it is a catchy phrase with a military ring to it, so much the better... and seeing as how dellhell revisited is all about firing shots across the bow of the other lumbering dreadnought from texas that is Dell, Brothers in Arms seemed as good a choice as any for a title today.

If we are going to talk about Brothers in Arms in regards to the fight being waged in the trenches of dell hell, we must make mention of the first Colonel of the Regiment, Jeff Jarvis, who unfortunately went over to the enemy after a fierce series of skirmishes in the early part of this century.

After the changing of the guard, Dell Hell wandered about the internet, thousands of angry voices without center. Good news is I've learned just the past few days that Dell Hell has opened another front in the war, the fight being carried to Europe from some unpronounceable place in Sweden. I guess they are making up for sitting out the big one in WWII.

So what do I know about the dell hell team in Sweden? Not a damn thing, the entire website is in swedish (makes sense, I guess), and all I know of sweden is it is skitkallt and the girls are skitsnygg...

Anyway, if you can read swedish you can check it out yourself at and if you want to see a skitsnygg swedish girl check out tiger woods wife.

So for you poor souls cast in to dell hell, be comforted to know that our side is winning.

Do you hear that in Round Rock? CAN you hear that in Round Rock? WE are winning... cash your checks man, light your fancy cuban cigars, but be sure to take a moment and kiss my ass.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dell Hell - By the Numbers 13

Well, it's time again for that bit of fun known here in dell hell as a "By the Numbers" blog, and they are among my favorites to write. Numbers are easy, as long as they aren't too big...

1 - shareholder who had the cajones to get up and ask why they were paying bonuses to Dell executives who have been presiding over what can best be described as a mess. Here is a quote to get you going... "Shareholders who held stock for 12 months lost half their money. Stock was down 50 percent, thousands of employees were laid off. Yet I see in most cases, executive compensation is up, in some cases significantly. I'm just trying to understand how something like that can be justified, given that shareholders and employees have suffered so much."

1.1 - million dollars, which is the annual cost for security for Michael Dell (security from shareholders??)

1.05 - dollars, which is the amount dell shares fell after the recent analyst meeting at Dell HQ

8.1 - the percentage fall in share price 1.05 represents

2 - Number of stars dell was awarded by the Motley Fool investment community (that ain't good folks) and here is a quote from one of them... "Dell is a pretender and their best days will always be in their rear view mirrors."

2 - Number of times in little more than a week that dell offered deals too good to be true online in Taiwan, much to the displeasure of Taiwanese officials and thousands of citizens who tried to take advantage of the offers.

-18.7 - percentage growth for dell in the last quarter compared to 08

1.2 - percentage growth for HP in the same quarterly comparison

So there it is, small numbers tell a big story...

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dell Hell - Semi European Edition Pt 2

Wow, investors and consumers in the UK have long marvelled at the unique ways Americans have of doing business, but might be left a bit worried by the latest news from the gang who won't shoot straight.

Dell has been found in contempt of court in the State of Louisiana in a case involving alleged misdeeds in regards security apparatus for the city of New Orleans.

In a case involving security cameras, dell, when ordered to turn over relevant emails from within the company did not even use the word "camera" in the search of dell computers... the Louisiana judge overseeing the case was furious. A new search is ongoing using court ordered search words.

At a time when quite a few American name brands (and Americans for that matter, hello Bernie Madoff, how is the new cell?) are a pariah for less than honest business dealings, Dell seems at risk of joining them.

Dell is sitting on about $11 Billion in cash and there is much speculation on what they might spend it on... bail bonds might be in order.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorry if you didn't get the title first time around... here is an explanation of sorts.

First quarter results have just been released and it's shaping up to be a worse season for Dell than the 1976 Tampa Bay NFL team had...

ChannelWeb led off with "Q1 PC Shipments Plummet 8.1 Percent As Dell Leads Plunge" which although reflective of Dells' Q1 it isn't entirely true... only Dell and Lenovo failed to post positive growth among the giants HP, Acer and Toshiba, Dell and Lenovo. Worldwide shipments were down, but it is only Dell and Lenovo who are taking the plunge over the cliff, the others are growing marketshare even in these most difficult of times.

I would judge this to be a small victory for consumers. Social networking means that when large corporations treat customers in such a cavalier manner, it quickly becomes common knowledge among the customer base, sales and reputation decline. At the end of the story that discontent becomes evident in the share price and the market share. I'm no stock analyst but I do have a bit of common sense and Round Rock seems to have pockets of town where common sense is AWOL, the fact these problems happened in the first place is shocking enough, that it is still going on four years after they first surfaced is an indictment.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dell Hell - Semi European Edition

Recent figures out of the UK point to a serious setback for Dell in Europe and the UK with computer shipments dropping a whopping %22.1 which is not only a shock to Dell pundits but a shame as well... Acer shipments were up %31.6 in the same period, market leader HP up %1.2, Toshiba and Asus reporting %20.3 and %43.4 respectively.


For a company whose core talent was (and I say was) selling good, cheap computers to the masses they don't seem to be doing so well.

One of the UK's most widely read papers The Telegraph recently published a scathing blog that starts off "Poor, schizophrenic Dell..." and then goes on to relate the familiar story of dell hell and the patronizing nightmare of "DELLA" which is apparently some dell website for women. If it's put up by the same talking heads from direct2dell I can well imagine...

Double Yikes.

In another article outlining the along with the usual description of said mess there are suggestions on potential fixes. The FIRST on the list of things to fix is... you guessed it CUSTOMER SERVICE... hello Talking Heads? This is a sad state of affairs 4 yrs PJJ (post Jeff Jarvis)

Triple Yikes.

And the New York Times reports on a customer service study that shows Dell with a 58% rating which qualifies as Very Poor... no surprise there. Apple got top billing with 80%... no surprise there either.

Quadruple Yikes

I don't know the word for the 5th yikes (fifthuple???) and I am too busy shaking my head over the sad state of affairs in Round Rock to go on so I will leave it there.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Cost of Doing

I was torn over what to call this particular post and what style it should appear in, like Dell itself, we have multiple choices here at Dell Hell Revisited... should I go with a traditional "By the Numbers" or should I go for the more obscure style of ""

Well, it's best served warm so here it is without further debate on style or content... a small example of the cost of doing business with Dell.

North Carolina offered Dell somewhere in the area of $280 million in incentives to set up a plant there. Part of the deal was 1700 jobs by 2010. After two recent rounds of layoffs, the plant now employs about 1140 and Dell isn't saying when or if it will ever employ the 1700 required to justify the incentive. Do the math folks, even if Dell filled the 1700 jobs that is still a VERY generous incentive. Let me save you the trouble of pulling out the calculator, it is $164,705.00 PER JOB. At the current 1140 it is a staggering $245,614.00 per job...

Hands up who COULDN'T create a job for yourself if the Government gave you $245,000.00 to start up... or to buy yourself some job related education... or maybe you are a local farmer who wants to transition from tobacco to edible crops?

If I lived in North Carolina I would be pissed at Dell and just as pissed at my local Government.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 25th to DellHell

Thats right folks, 25 yrs of dellhell as of this month... One can only presume that Micheal learned much about computers in those years, and indeed things have come a long way since the days of PC's LTD, the legendary company Dell founded in his college dorm.

Sadly, he seems to have learned nothing in those same years, in regards to customer service. The long line at the gates of DellHell will attest to that.

"...Fortunately, the XT is still under warranty, so all I had to do was call Dell and have them replace the digitizer. That took several phone calls, running diagnostics over the phone, etc. I had one support rep tell me that my Latitude XT was not a real PC. I had another rep tell me that the diagnostics was taking too long to run, so I needed to call them back when it was finished..."

Well, not so bad you think... wait, there is more... dell sends it back untouched and unrepaired, he sends it back to dell a second time, they fix it but keep 2 of the 3 GB of ram he had in the machine... and now he has had enough...

"...Dell, your technical support and repair facility has been an utter fail and has left me being one very disappointed Dell customer. This latest mishap, coupled with my overall experience with the Latitude XT, has me looking at anything but Dell when it comes to buying new systems for myself and my small business clients."

In other news...

Dell gets sued yet again...
"Dell sued by city of New Orleans over crime cameras"

The company tanks in the first quarter of the year...
"Why the Big Dip at Dell in the First Quarter?"

Dell is not getting messages on their mobile phone
“...a non-compelling product with a roadmap that lags competition.”

Dell gets a failing grade...
"Dell basically flunked with a “poor” 58% rating overall and a “very poor” 47% in enjoyability."

And that's just a taste of what it's been like in dell hell lately....enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dell Hell - By the Numbers 12

419,455 - views of the popular youtube video "My PC is on Fire"

31,000 - views since September, 30/2008 of "My PC is on Fire"

190 - views per day of "My PC is on Fire"

2 - number of people per day who will never buy a dell computer again (estimate 1 in 100 who watch the video will be so negatively affected that they will not buy a dell product again)

19,200 - dollars lost over the lifetime of one former or potential loyal customer of dell

38,400 - potential lifetime dollars lost per day by Dell from two unhappy non-returning customers. EVERYDAY.

23 - approximate dollar price per share of dell when Micheal Dell was reinstated as CEO

8.98 - today's share price

-11 - today's temperature in Celsius and the reason for this entry!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dell Hell Gets Its Day in Court

After a good deal of anticipated judicial delay the Class Action suit in Canada against Dell Computers has finally been approved and will proceed in an Ontario court room.

The suit alleges Dell was at fault for shoddy construction of Dell Inspiron models 1100, 1150, 5100, 5150 and 5160. If you own one and live in Canada contact the lawyers for the class action at their offices in Toronto

The issue with all these models was overheating caused by shoddy wiring apparently... seems that overheating was also an issue with my own entry into DellHell.

Dells' position was that each individual with a problem would have to go through resolution with Dell... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Darn that has to be the best joke I've heard in ages....

In other news Dell continues a downward spiral that confirms what I have long maintained, Micheal Dell is not the saviour people set him up to be, in fact his narrow vision of PC manufacturing and marketing set them up for the fall. He has totally missed the boat in terms of customer service overhaul and corporate overhaul.

Yikes, glad I don't own stock and sad that I still have a $3000 paperweight in my junk somewhere in that closet where my personal Dell Hell resides.

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Year but Same Old...

Dell Hell continues to haunt the rarified heights of Round Rock, Texas.. Marketing Week in the UK ran an article this week on the phenomenon of Dell Hell and reaffirms the problems outlined in this blog over the last two years.

Dell has not only failed to turn around an abysmal history of poor customer service, they are failing to connect to the market place.

Dell takes a stance with shareholders which is very similar to what they did with my own computer problems (in reality, my daughters problems) which launched me into dell hell. That stance is simply "not our fault, go away...".

With shares hovering at $10 and sales in freefall, Dell continues to ignore legitimate complaints like mine, thus loosing millions of dollars (see an earlier blog on the cost of doing business with an unhappy customer) and further alienating valuable customers. What was the original solution to my problem? Simple, replace the faulty computer with a comparable model.

Instead Dell chose to hide behind lies, stonewalling and denial. GREAT plan Michael! You could have BOUGHT me a computer out of your own pocket at a cost to you personally of about 2 minutes of your work day... instead you passed the grief on to your shareholders and they are stuck with about $3 million in lost customer sales. Way to go Michael Dell.

You promised to turn it around, instead you are plowing it into the ground. Don't you think it is time to get real, get honest? I suggest you start with me, send me a computer and I will change my mind about the real path you have chosen and will begin to support you again.

Continue to ignore your customers and you will get more of the same, falling share price, falling market share and unsustainable pressure from the shareholders. You can choose to ignore me but you can't ignore them.

Which way will you play it Michael?

Oh, yeah... here is a quote for those too lazy to click on the link above to Marketing Week.

"Dell Hell

Senior executives, including chief marketing officer Erin Nelson, must tackle Dell’s fading reputation after a series of fiascos, particularly in the US. Earlier this month, US consumers sued Dell for false advertising and, after much legal wrangling, it agreed to pay $3.35m (£2.25m) to settle claims by 34 state attorneys general that it used deceptive financing and warranty practices in its US ads."

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Talking Heads Talking

So how does it feel to be the mouthpiece for a pack of bullshitters?

Ask former White House press secretary Scott McClellan, who came out with a book on how he was duped and deceived by the White House into telling all sorts of half truths and outright lies.

If you have ever resided in DellHell, you might wonder what sort of book the talking heads at Dell would come out with once they decide they have had enough of spewing out endless crap about what a great company Dell is...

Hey guys (and girls one presumes) like McClellan, you are either stupid or oblivious to the fact that everyone is pretty much on to you.

A great piece came out today at CNN which busts Dell for the claims they are making in regards to the greening of Dell.

Dell would like you to believe they are making great strides to clean up the mess their products leave in the world. The truth is far removed from the lofty claims we have been hearing out of Round Rock.

Way to go Dell. Proving to the world yet again that not only do you engage in bad business practices, you also distort the truth to the point where no one with any serious mind will take you at your word!

My advice to the talking heads at Dell, Quit! You are embarrassing yourself, your families and your profession.