Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dell Customer Service vs Apple?

So here I am, still blogging away in a vain and ill disguised attempt to get even with Dell for selling shoddy products and backing that up with infamous customer service... That's right... Infamous... I love that word, it rolls off the tongue quite nicely... Try it!

Well, using silicon valley methodology, (despite Dell's Round Rock roots) my readership is about to double and we are projecting year end readership will have grown 980% over last year!

I like the sound of round rock roots too, that would be a good name for a Texas band!

Anyway, i digress... All four of you have remained loyal these many years in the wilderness, but now I can tell you that your ranks are about to swell!

I told the girl at the Apple store, who had just replaced my broken, out of warranty iPhone with a free replacement, about Dell Hell Revisited. She is sure to read this and so are her friends!!! I'm ready for my IPO!

So Anna @ Apple, her friends and family, I say a big hello and welcome...

To Michael @ Dell I say "bite me"!


Anonymous said...

Just entered Dell Hell. I ordered a computer - lo and behold, it is defective. Over seven hours so far talking to customer service/tech support in India. They have a script. They cannot deviate. It is infuriating. A week later I am still sitting with a defective computer. I have just sent an email to every exec email address I could locate. Given Dell's amazing ability to have everything automatically routed outside the US, I also tried sending my correspondence to a variation of Michael Dell's email. So far, it has not bounced back. Dell's general email format (at least the one that is publicized is first_last@dell.com. I tried michael.dell@dell.com, as well. Wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

Right on! I have experienced Dell Hell many times in my 18+ years working with computers, networks, websites, software, I have found Dell to be irresponsible and dishonest. Customer service, HA!

Script reading phone bank people from India who can only follow the script and barely the English language.

Many, many times...

That said, this time it is personal. Ordered a television from them because of the promise of "free shipping". Pricing was the same on other websites but no free shipping. Because of no dealings with Dell for quite some time I ordered from them.

Was to be delivered last Friday (December 3, 2010) by an email confirmation from Dell.

Was not here on that date. Called Dell and carrier (Pilot) to find out when my shipment will be here.

My answer from both Dell and Pilot was Tuesday, December 7th as the very latest. Guess what? No delivery. Lots of run-around from both Dell and Pilot.

This communicate will be updated as time rolls on. Thank you for listening to my rant! I have proof if it is needed.

Same Bat time, same bat channel!