Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Off to Australia, Mac in Hand!

The raison d'etre of this blog is now on her way to a years' worth of adventure in Fiji and Australia... Bon Voyage kiddo! The day before she left she completed her private pilots license flight exam and is now a pilot.

Several years ago she saved all her money working part time while attending school so that she could buy herself a laptop. But she didn't want just any laptop, she wanted "the best". And sadly for her, with my encouragement, she choose a Dell Inspiron 9100. More horsepower than a Ferrari, the size of a Kenworth truck, and the cooling system of a 1963 Volkswagen...

Shortly after the warranty expired it suffered a meltdown and being out of warranty Dell offered to sell her a $700 refurbished motherboard! You can trawl up the rest of the sad story elsewhere in cyberspace...

Anyway, my daughter is off to Australia, newly minted pilot wings on her coat and a Mac in her computer bag. And between her and I, we are still kicking Dell in the balls every chance we get, and it feels good! If you are stuck in Dell Hell, I highly recommend it... Let the world know what sort of company Dell really is!

Of the thousands of people we have now told our story to, and the thousands more to come, if even 1% never buy a dell as a result, I will feel we have gotten our monies worth out of Dell.