Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dell Hell - By the Numbers 12

419,455 - views of the popular youtube video "My PC is on Fire"

31,000 - views since September, 30/2008 of "My PC is on Fire"

190 - views per day of "My PC is on Fire"

2 - number of people per day who will never buy a dell computer again (estimate 1 in 100 who watch the video will be so negatively affected that they will not buy a dell product again)

19,200 - dollars lost over the lifetime of one former or potential loyal customer of dell

38,400 - potential lifetime dollars lost per day by Dell from two unhappy non-returning customers. EVERYDAY.

23 - approximate dollar price per share of dell when Micheal Dell was reinstated as CEO

8.98 - today's share price

-11 - today's temperature in Celsius and the reason for this entry!

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