Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From Frying Pan to Fire or Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?

Two blogs in two days... can only mean two things... Dell is at it again and I am bored.

Reaction to the news of the past few days re: dell shipping faulty computers and scamming customers with B.S. and a bit of smoke and mirrors, has brought out the spin doctors in full force.

Lionel (I have kids to feed) Menchaca and other spin doctors at Dell had this to say on the issue... "Dell did not knowingly ship faulty motherboards, and we worked directly with customers in situations where the issue occurred," and then stuck their collective foot even further into their mouth with this tidbit... "Dell suspended use of Nichicon capacitors after we discovered a problem in its manufacturing process,"

What Lionel fails to tell us is that Dell was aware of the problem in January of 2004 (rival HP stopped shipping computers with these capacitors in March 2004). Dell on the other hand continued to order these faulty capacitors from the supplier and sell computers with them installed until late 2005!! And in fact a review by Dell itself found "that OptiPlex computers affected by the bad capacitors were expected to cause problems up to 97 percent of the time over a three-year period".

In a final and hilarious twist to the story, the law firm defending Dell was itself affected by the computer failures and several emails to that effect are part of the court record! Dell even tried to B.S. their own lawyers!

So can we sum up by saying Dell has been lying to customers for years and continues to do so? Bill Snyder in PC World seems to think so, he had this to say... "Only a rotten company sells defective computers and lies about it." and threw this in as well... "it will always be tainted by the scandal and by its shocking breach of faith with customers" and signed off on the article with this..."Every now and then the company trots out a sincere-sounding exec to announce yet another initiative about improved quality and customer service. I don't believe them any more. This is how companies fade away and die."

So you tell me, is Dell full of good old Texas Bullshit? It would seem the executive offices in Round Rock are knee deep in it and rising at the moment.

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