Friday, August 21, 2009

More from Dell Hell, will they never learn?

One would think that after four years of promises from Dell to fix the sorry state of affairs in the Customer service department that something would have happened... and it did!

Things got worse! Hard to believe? Then consider this... after hundreds of millions of dollars, endless promises from Mr Dell himself and customers are still getting the same old B.S.

Here is yet another Classic story of Dells' customer service, you can decide for yourself if you really want to follow this poor guy down the road to DellHell...

Pete had purchased a three-year, extended replacement warranty from Dell, so on Thursday morning he called technical support. "Between Thursday and Saturday," he says, "I must have spent over 20 hours on hold. While being transferred from technical support to customer service and back again, I began to think the call center was being paid by the number of call transfers. Not until late Saturday afternoon was I connected to anyone who could provide technical support. He diagnosed my problem as a burned out motherboard."

The technician shipped a replacement motherboard to an authorized repair agent in the city where Pete's daughter was attending college and made an appointment for Monday morning to meet Pete and make the fix. "This was getting close to the beginning of my daughter's classes and my plans to depart to make the 800 mile drive home on Tuesday," says Pete.

Pete waited at the appointed location with his cell phone in his pocket. "No one showed," he says. "And no one called." After two hours, he called and fell right back into the technical support vs. customer service loop he'd endured on Saturday. He spent several frustrating hours on the phone looking for someone who could help.

"Finally, with no logical end in sight," he says. "I gave up. I went to a local retailer and purchased another laptop for my daughter to use at school and began the long drive back home with the broken Dell in my car."

Two days after he got home, the repair technician called Pete. Now he was ready to repair the laptop. "He didn't find it particularly funny that I was several states away," says Pete. "And he had no intention of shipping the motherboard to me or a repair technician near my home. He said he would return the motherboard to Dell and that I should start over again in that endless customer service vs. technical support loop again. No thanks! It will be a cold day in you know where before I subject myself to that experience again."

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Chris Whitehead said...

I just got hung up on by Dell Chat! I have equipped my entire office with Dell equipment. I am so tired of their lack of service that I feel like switching out all of our equipment!