Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dell loses identity, market share and customers, Way to Go Michael!

It's been awhile since I've had time to worry about Dell, the ski season is in full swing and I am working for the Olympics preparing the race courses. I also own an Acer notebook now so I don't think of dell so often as I used to!

But not to worry, while I have been away, the oracles at Dell (nice pun, eh?) have continued to drive the company into a catagory somewhere between HP, Acer, Apple and Meaningless.

Have a read of an article which ponders the question "Who is Dell". Even the guys who follow this sort of thing no longer know... yikes!

Here is a quote for those of you too lazy to follow the link...

"Who is Dell? A memory lingers but little else, less because of Dell's relevance in any given market, more because it's difficult to surmise what the company stands for any more. None among our own long-time market observers and CIO advisory board members can articulate Dell's identity. It's amid this haze that several us journey this week to Round Rock, Texas, hopeful but skeptical.

Dell's market share in its traditionally strongest markets--PCs and servers--has declined: Acer has overtaken Dell in worldwide PC shipments, according to some figures , and the company's share continues to slip in the U.S. Dell's server sales are a distant third behind IBM's and HP's. Dell will likely always matter here, shipping server congeries to cloud providers and enterprises for pedestrian processing tasks, or desktops and laptops through retail channels or directly online; but all that it imagined and invented has become banal and mimicked and, worse, less profitable."

So lets find the key words and phrases in those two paragraphs... skeptical, declined, overtaken, distant third, banal, mimicked, less profitable... double yikes!

Keep in mind this is a company who once had a share price, and a market share, that were the envy of the business world... what happened?

Poor product support led the way due to poor products... misguided management helped it along and arrogance finished it off... that would be my guess.

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Anonymous said...

Right as hell. 80 % of Dell Technicians own something different than Dell......ask why.