Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dell Hell - By the Numbers 13

Well, it's time again for that bit of fun known here in dell hell as a "By the Numbers" blog, and they are among my favorites to write. Numbers are easy, as long as they aren't too big...

1 - shareholder who had the cajones to get up and ask why they were paying bonuses to Dell executives who have been presiding over what can best be described as a mess. Here is a quote to get you going... "Shareholders who held stock for 12 months lost half their money. Stock was down 50 percent, thousands of employees were laid off. Yet I see in most cases, executive compensation is up, in some cases significantly. I'm just trying to understand how something like that can be justified, given that shareholders and employees have suffered so much."

1.1 - million dollars, which is the annual cost for security for Michael Dell (security from shareholders??)

1.05 - dollars, which is the amount dell shares fell after the recent analyst meeting at Dell HQ

8.1 - the percentage fall in share price 1.05 represents

2 - Number of stars dell was awarded by the Motley Fool investment community (that ain't good folks) and here is a quote from one of them... "Dell is a pretender and their best days will always be in their rear view mirrors."

2 - Number of times in little more than a week that dell offered deals too good to be true online in Taiwan, much to the displeasure of Taiwanese officials and thousands of citizens who tried to take advantage of the offers.

-18.7 - percentage growth for dell in the last quarter compared to 08

1.2 - percentage growth for HP in the same quarterly comparison

So there it is, small numbers tell a big story...

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Anonymous said...


I have had nothing but problems dealing with Dell recently. From being flat out called a liar to being hung up on I've seen and heard it all. All I wanted was to spend my $1700.00 plus a sizable amount of interest and get what I paid for, but that just wasn't going to happen. I've been transferred, made to restate all my information over and over again, transferred more, give my information yet again, call drops, start over, repeat again. I've never had so many problems trying to give a company my money - EVER.

First, it may or may not help, but it will definitely make you feel better and it WILL at least send you an automated response which in most cases will be the most you've received since first picking up the phone and making the mistake of dealing with Dell. --> BBB <--

Additionally, I strongly suggest writing an email to the following email addresses. Some may bounce, some have nothing to do with things, but can probably forward your email to someone who can. I was/am at a point where I really don't care who the hell helps me as long as I'm helped. Oh and short and to the point, I ordered my 3rd Dell PC, huge issues... finally made the choice to just say forget it and build my own, the biggest mistake was being limited to my Dell Account and having to order the parts through them, which has been the SAME nightmare Dell Hell.

After emailing the list above I received not just one phone call, but two phone calls from CSRs within literally 10 minutes of hitting the send button. My issues are somewhat resolved, only time will really tell.

Good luck, you'll need it.

After Dell deleted messages I posted on their forums to help other users like myself:

Thanks Dell, if it is possible to sink even further in my views of you, you've just done it. At least you're successful at SOMETHING! Oh you also just sparked me to find every message board possible to copy/paste my original post and this one too.

Additionally I have used the email list above to send the deleted forum message to get an answer on why it was deleted and will do the same with this when you delete it. I'm sorry you don't like what I'm saying, here is some advice - Get your problems fixed with your Customer "Care" Service and every other function of Customer Service and you won't have to deal with trying to keep your unhappy customers silent!