Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dell Profits, Employees Lose, Customer Service... Who Knows?

Just within the last hour Dell has released it's latest bombshell, 8.800 jobs are being cut from the Dell workforce.

Shareholders have cause to rejoice the losses, in after hours trading shares rose 7% when news of the cuts spread. Employees on the firing line, not so much joy....

After a minor housecleaning at the top, it appears that Michael Dell is not finished with revamping Dell. The only question remains is who is going to be left to pick up the pieces and if 8,800 jobs are lost, what impact that will have on recent customer service initiatives.

I can't wait for the disgruntled employees to begin telling their tales! This sad saga is going to get a whole lot more fun before it gets better. And I mean fun to observe from the point of view of those of us who already managed to safely jump off the train wreck that is Dell. Once I quit dealing with Dell and began to focus on revenge, I must say I have been enjoying myself! And to think I owe it all to Michael Dell... hell, maybe he is worth 165,000,000 a year!

On the other hand, for you poor folk around the globe who get the pink slip, I am truly sorry. The only time I would enjoy seeing people being laid off is if they work for Satan.

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