Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blogging Bloggers, which is NOT a Scottish Cuss Word, Despite What it Sounds Like.

As I learn my way around in terms of the blogging world, I am seeking out those people who are writing on similar issues to this blog. In doing so, I hope to learn from them and if I am lucky, to be entertained and educated in a single blow!

Decloned is an example of a blogger who has posted a very good bit of work recently and it also has some interesting interchange between the author and Dell staff who are involved in the outreach program in the blogging world.

On the personal front, I have now given our daughter our new Dell notebook (purchased just prior to the problems beginning with her 9100 machine), we took the old hp out of mothballs and my wife now uses it for her mail and a bit of online card playing (Spades thankfully, I think online poker is just a way of training/addicting a future customer base to gambling). Needless to say, the machine we lent my daughter is the last we will ever buy from Dell.

They just don't get it, we have been customers since the early days and would have remained loyal customers if they had done the right thing.

More links to good writers and bloggers as I find them...

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