Monday, May 21, 2007

Dell Hell - By the Numbers

I always liked this kind of list, says nothing but says it all...

- Number of hits on google using the keywords Dell and Problem

89,000,000 - Number of dollars Dell spent last year investigating it's own accounting practices

227,706 - Number of hits on Youtube for the Dell "My PC is on Fire" Numa Numa Parody as of this morning.

227,864 - Oops, the new number for views of the Dell "My PC is on Fire" Numa Numa Parody, this baby is flying off the shelf!

4 out of 15 - Number of Dell computers that failed in the first month at a high school in the USA.

12 - Number of pages, mostly bitching about the 9100, in a laptop review in the UK

0 - Number of machines, peripherals and other products from Dell that will be purchased by me or my family in the next year.


David said...

Hello Duff! Some very interesting numbers! I have tracked many many blogs that deal with Dell and customer concerns. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me and others.

duffrey said...

Hi David: It sure isn't an original idea sadly, but I try to have fun with it and I hope pass on some good info as well. I don't take it TOO seriously, after all it is only $2600 and change that they ripped off my daughter for.

At the pay I get as a writer and snow cat operator, I can save that much in the next 12 months to buy her a new one, and I can get by next winter without snow tires and new ski gear...