Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why bother?

Why bother? Now that is a good question, and when I was asked I didn't really have a satisfactory answer. Satisfactory in the sense that I am not satisfied, and that is because the ugly truth of the matter is I am doing it for revenge. How petty of me.

No noble sentiment here, I don't give a shit about your computer or your problem with it other than the fact we share the same fate. It isn't about you my friend, it is about me. Me getting revenge on Dell for taking my daughter's hard earned money and selling her a turkey. You don't fuck with my girls...

My first impulse was to use the Revenge Lady but this is a bit more serious than that, I mean not serious like I need to bring in Blackwater, but serious enough, so this is a kind of a compromise.

Now revenge doesn't mean I want to see Michael Dell in chains, or some fellow in India lose his job. I can understand the fellow in Bangalore as easily as someone from Atlanta or even some Texans. I don't have an issue with outsourcing call centers.

I want the continual pressure from dis-satisfied customers and the bad publicity surrounding these issues to drive down share price and hit them where they hit my daughter, in the wallet.

So, there is the unsatisfactory, ugly truth, I am no Canadian Ralph Nader, Not even a facsimile of Jeff Jarvis, I am just some pissed of father with a cheap blog and a cheap lust for revenge. If this were a film it would be in Black and White and it would be narrated by a guy like Rod Serling.

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