Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dell Hell - By the Numbers 2

Just to update the latest figures from DellHell Revisited..

237,498 - The number of hits on youtube for the popular video parody "My PC is on Fire".

9792 - Number of hits since last report on May, 21/07.

576 - Potential lost customers per day from this video parody.

6 - Number of years for which the US Attorney for the Southern district of NY has subpoened documents regarding Dell's financial reporting.

8,800 - Approximate number of jobs disappearing at Dell.

8 - Senior Managers reporting to Michael Dell who have lost thier positions.

25 - Number of companies ahead of Dell on the Top 25 list of Supply Chain companies.

-1.2 - Percentage Dell is down today on the Nasdaq.

Well, that is enough numbers to make my head hurt so I will leave it there for now.

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