Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dell Hell DownUnder

The problems at Dell are not confined to North America, and with a tiny market share, our friends down under would appear to have even less leverage than us poor fools here in North America when it comes to doing business at Dell. Consider the story of this poor fellow from Tasmania... sounds awfully familiar doesn't it?


Order from hell, courtesy of Dell

Opinion from's readers | June 12, 2007

IT IS no wonder Dell is losing customers. I have two Dells and ordered another in May (Jobs shake-up, June 5).

The ordering went round and round, but eventually went through, and then my problems started.

I got calls from India, at meal times in the evening. First they said that I didn't live where I live, and would I choose another address.

I said Dell had delivered two computers to my address already, and surely it kept customer records.

Then we had payment address problems.

I said: "Just cancel the order", which caused a reaction: the order was confirmed by email, delivery in a week was promised.

You can't contact anyone when an order doesn't arrive, only an answering machine. The website doesn't recognise Dell's own order number, and goes round and round. Eventually, I emailed and cancelled, and asked for my money back.

It is always strange that, when you pay, it takes a nanosecond, but when you want your money, it takes a minimum of a week.

So now I don't have a new Dell. I am travelling at the moment and I don't know if I've received my money back.
- Fred Cotter, Huonville, Tasmania

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