Saturday, June 9, 2007

Former Dell Employee Speaks Out

At times it seems that the latest "news" about Dell is just rehashing old material. SEC investigations, customer service issues, poorly designed products, mis-management, allegations of fraud etc etc... this stuff has been going on for years now and it is often a struggle to come up with something more interesting than the usual woes. Well, the following was just too good to ignore... what makes it interesting is that it is a current response to an old problem, and it comes from a former Dell employee!

As an ex-Dell employee I feel sorry for anyone that owns a Dell computer. I often had friends or family ask if they should buy a Dell; I told them NO. Unless you get the "complete care package" it's just not worth it. Too many times there were known issues with the systems but we were not supposed to tell the customers anything, just smile and lie. That's not customer service if you ask me. However, a lot of the problems come from the customers too. Like being under the mistaken impression that sales knows more about your system than tech does. Sales knows how to pad their wallets, and that's it. In my career at Dell I tried to be as professional as possible but it only goes so far when you are accused of breaking a customer's system because they won't listen. All-in-all I would never buy a manufactured PC, and if I needed a laptop it would be an Apple.
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Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more. As a current Dell Employee I am thorougly disgusted with the support that we now give our customers. I specifically brought up this issues many times at Dell and no one listens. I have decided to start a website called to voice some of these complaints publicly.

Anonymous said...

Well I could not disagree with you more. So I wonder if this will get posted. I am a Canadian with 5 Dell computers 2 Laptops and 3 Dell Servers. These Servers and Desktops replaced 1 previous Dell Laptop and 1 Server.
I have never had one problem with Support. In fact when i had an issue with the laptop they worked remotely and fixed the problem. When another problem cropped up it was again fixed within an hour.
I have never worded for DELL, and never had a problem with a DELL.

duffrey said...

well, to the fellow who says he has had great service and support I can only say good for you! But the reality for many THOUSANDS of people is obvious from this blog and many thousands of other complaints and the dozens of lawsuits dell has faced.

You are most welcome to continue to buy dell products until dellhell freezes over. But you must give yourself a reality check and at least acknowledge the problem, just because you havent experienced it doesnt mean it doesnt exist. That is like saying H1N1 doesnt exist because I havent had it....

Anonymous said...

Used to work for NCR until Mark Hurd took over. Dell employees, start your job hunt now. He only knows to cut jobs to improve profitability which jacks up his paycheck. He did the same at HP.

If Michael Dell refuses to join its potential buyout offer, private-equity giant Blackstone (BX) is reportedly “aggressively” recruiting Oracle (ORCL) exec Mark Hurd to lead a privately held Dell.

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