Sunday, June 17, 2007

Feelings of Inadequacy

All I ever wanted from this blog was to kick Dell in the balls until I feel I have gotten my daughters money's worth. To know the whole story you will have to go back and read the blog from the beginning, but to sum up quickly, Dell sold my daughter an expensive paperweight, to wit a 9100 Insipiron notebook, and like MANY other notebooks in the Inspiron line, it died a premature death due to motherboard failure.

This computer is an Edsel and were it a car, legislation would force Dell to recall the lemon they have produced, even those out of warranty! But this is not the auto industry...

So, being a father, when someone rips off your daughter what do you do?

Me, I just wanted my pound of flesh. But Dell being in Texas, I want some punitive damages too.

Now a more reasonable man might wait for the inevitable class action, but I am not holding my breath here in Canada.

So, why do I currently have feelings of inadequacy? Well, despite all the effort to blog each day, seeking out the latest news on Dell (who btw are very helpful in providing fuel for the fire), finding fun links and generally thinking things through, I remain a voice in the wilderness, although I seem to be getting a lock on the dellhell links at technorati.

And along comes Tracy Holland, well educated, great job, lots of money, and she writes a couple of emails and gets more bad publicity for Dell than I can generate in a year!

I hate you Tracy!

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Anonymous said...

I have the same irritation with dell as you do...I've also had problems with the overheating of the 9100, and it just culminated in my motherboard being fried. Oh, and conveniently enough, I'm working on medical school applications right now...the ones with essays to write that will determine my future. The same essays that I'm HOPING to recover from the useless piece of metal that used to be my hard drive...Dell should pay for selling such a useless product. If I had wanted a $2500 piece of metal, I would've bought a used car, not Dell's excuse for a laptop.