Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Go Away

A new strategy at Dell in Customer Service? With direct2dell and other customer points of contact such as the forums, overflowing with complaints from angry customers, has the old "write to the ceo" (EECB's as they are known) friendly corporate image had an overhaul?

This article published online at one of my favorite sites consumerist.com highlights the change in the relationship between Dell and its customer base.

While I can understand that the sheer volume of complaints alone would prohibit even the most diligent CEO from answering personally, it highlights the ongoing problem of customer service and the deteriorating attitude at Dell towards the consumer market.

My own experiences with the Executive Escalation team is one of deny, deny, deny... from fear of the many pending or active civil suits against the Inspiron line is my best guess.

Dellhell is not a thing of the past and the many people who responded to the consumerist.com article are testimony to that! To this time point there have been over 3800 views and 35 comments on an article that is hours old.


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