Sunday, August 10, 2008

Teacher, Leave Those Dells Alone...

Dell continues to lose ground in sales to its rivals, this time it is those rebels in Cupertino, the Apple gang, that have stolen a slice of Dells' pie. ran a great article on the shift in purchasing by Teachers at institutions across America. The results of the study will be depressing news in the boardroom in Round Rock.

Now why would teachers shift to other brands, particularly to a Mac? Dell will likely say privately that it is a reflection of customer dis-satisfaction with Vista in particular and Windows in general... and that might well be part of the problem, but more likely it is the case that Dell has been feeling the "effect" part of Cause and Effect.

Further effect may be felt in the very near future if Apple goes ahead with its expected plan to lower prices on some notebooks in coming weeks. This would be a declaration of war on the PC makers who have been somewhat insulated by the higher pricing of Apple products until now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Duffy

Love the angle of this blog.
Which of the girls went to the land of Oz?

duffrey said...

Hey Brad: Well, I am guessing you must know me or the girls, it was Boo who is in Oz. She is having a great time and the Mac works well!