Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The folks with the inside track on how these things work are scratching their heads this morning over a bizarre announcement from Dell that they are re-entering the personal music player business.

Wired had this to say, "...Three cheers for cockeyed optimism".

Motley Fool lead off with "That's Just Dumb, Dell".

Tech Digest
had this to say "So what will it be? An iTunes for the common man? Or an even lower-profile repeat of Zune? My farm is currently riding on the latter".

According to Michael Dell they are looking to expand in to a "broad range of consumer markets".

Good luck with that, after the fiasco with colored notebooks, burning notebooks, melting notebooks, along with several lawsuits and class action suits, and both a financial and managerial crisis to boot, it would seem that Dell is burning every possible bridge to the broader consumer market there is.

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