Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dell Hell - By the Numbers 9

700 - Number of complaints by NY State consumers who were part of a lawsuit filed by the state Attorney General in May, 2007.

1000 - Additional complaints after May, 2007 related to the lawsuit.

7 - Percentage of Dell customers who actually qualified for discounts and freebies which led to the lawsuit in New York State.

16 to 30 - percent interest rate actually paid by most Dell customers who were misled by Dells' offer of "no interest financing" in the New York lawsuit.

18,509 - Number of views of a article titled "Drunk Dell Tech Repairs Laptop With Hammer"

3 in 18 - Number of Chief Financial Officers at Dell in the past 18 months. Although the latest departure of the CFO was planned from the beginning of his tenure so that he could sort out the mess of Dells flawed quarterly reports, it makes one wonder how you run a company like that? The incoming CFO is facing a daunting task at a time when Dell could use a little more longevity on the board!

356,244 - Views of "My PC is on Fire" parody at Youtube
17,698 - Approx. number of views since March 26, 2008
10,000 - Approx. number of views per month


Anonymous said...

I am researching the problems consumers are having with Dell and am also living in DEll HELL. Purchased a refurbished XPS1330 less than a month ago, mother board had to be replaced, and now they refuse to replace machine or let us cancel the contract and return it. Have already invested four hours on the phone with them and have a brand new machine that is unusable. Any suggestions as to how to get to the escalation department? I just get the run around no matter who I talk to or how nice I am.

duffrey said...

Hi: Your best bet is to start posting on the direct2dell website and make sure you are in the catagories "customer experience" and "real people are here and we are listening" AND the "xps 1330" catagories.

You may get some response from them, and you can lodge a complaint at the better business bureau, this often gets a response from dell very quickly! Basically though, I think you have very little chance of getting them to replace the computer.

You might check out the law firm here who are pushing forward on a few class action suits, of which the XPS may be a part.

Hope this helps... regards, duff sigurdson