Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dell Hell Gets Its Day in Court

After a good deal of anticipated judicial delay the Class Action suit in Canada against Dell Computers has finally been approved and will proceed in an Ontario court room.

The suit alleges Dell was at fault for shoddy construction of Dell Inspiron models 1100, 1150, 5100, 5150 and 5160. If you own one and live in Canada contact the lawyers for the class action at their offices in Toronto

The issue with all these models was overheating caused by shoddy wiring apparently... seems that overheating was also an issue with my own entry into DellHell.

Dells' position was that each individual with a problem would have to go through resolution with Dell... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Darn that has to be the best joke I've heard in ages....

In other news Dell continues a downward spiral that confirms what I have long maintained, Micheal Dell is not the saviour people set him up to be, in fact his narrow vision of PC manufacturing and marketing set them up for the fall. He has totally missed the boat in terms of customer service overhaul and corporate overhaul.

Yikes, glad I don't own stock and sad that I still have a $3000 paperweight in my junk somewhere in that closet where my personal Dell Hell resides.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Dell pays in some way, although it seems like they may simply use a band-aid, count their millions, and keep doing the same thing. Nice site.