Wednesday, December 3, 2008

News Flash - Dell are still a bunch of Losers

Black Friday, the benchmark sales weekend in the U.S. has confirmed that despite the endless promises coming out of Round Rock that Dell continues to lose ground in the retail battle against rivals HP, being outsold 5 to 1 in retail sales over the 3 day weekend.

Doug Reid, an analyst with Thomas Weisel, who tracked sales at Best Buy stores over the weekend had this to say...

"The only negative comments in our survey with respect to brand were aimed at Dell, with survey respondents noting potential quality issues."
End Quote

So much for Micheal Dells' plan to aggressively pursue retail partnerships, Micheal, here is the news flash... no one wants your crap any more....

Reports from tell the sad tale, which comes as no surprise to anyone residing in Dell Hell. Why would anyone buy crap products from a crap company, I have often said that the business model of US corporations is irrevocably broken and Dell is a classic example. Unrelenting focus on quarterly results rather than long term health, have driven dell downwards, helped along by abysmal customer service and shenanigans which continue to boggle the mind. I don't even bother going to Direct2Dell anymore to hear the blather and B.S. spewing forth from the talking heads. That guy who runs the show there must have no personal shame. "Grandpa, what did you do during the computer wars?" "Well, I wrote propaganda for a manufacturer who couldn't shoot straight"

Way to go talking heads!

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