Friday, November 7, 2008

Things Going to

I can almost write these things in my sleep by now, Dell just keeps churning out crap service, crap products and crap excuses, it's getting way to easy to slag these miscreants.

Latest news from Dell is "voluntary" vacations... Dell is hoping that staff will take unpaid leave in the coming months to ease the strain on poor old Micheal Dell and the shareholders who for years have been bleeding Dell dry.

So, Christmas coming, stock markets in disarray and tough times on the homefront and Dell wants people to give up a week of pay??? Way to go Dell!

Word on the street is Dell is only making $33,000 per employee, as compared to HP which employees twice as many people as Dell can get $42,000 net per employee and Apple a staggering $160,000 per employee despite being a quarter the size of Dell.

Does anyone see a disconnect between those figures and Micheal Dells' endless promises to turn Dell around... seems it is truly "Freedom from Business as Usual" at Dell. There is no freedom from Dell Hell on the horizon.

There WAS an unusual turn around at Dell however, it would seem that the personal music player Dell was supposedly interested in launching is now back on the shelf, you may recall the original announcements were met with derision, as reported in one of my earlier blogs.

Dell stock was at a very low $11 and change today, and it will be interesting to hear how the Round Rock cowboys round up the numbers on THAT!

And before I can even publish this blog, Dells' woes continue, the stock is dropping like an anvil on a malfunctioning parachute... how does $10.30 sound? Tech Trader Daily ran this report on their blog..

Merrill Lynch analyst Jeff Fidacaro this morning lowered his rating on Dell (DELL) to Neutral from Buy, slicing his target on the stock to $13 from $22.

“While Dell’s shares have been under pressure and valuation looks attractive…we are downgrading Dell…given our view of a sharp downturn in the PC market (especially in desktops), and a lack of catalysts to either reignite growth or gain share in the next few quarters,”

And if that isn't enough to convince you to steer clear of Dell, consider that the Cheif Technology Officer has resigned and the overseas market has also figured out that Dell is on its' inevitable slide in to oblivion... as observed at the stalwart UK newspaper "The Guardian".

"This is a businesss model that is going nowhere..." is probably the key phrase in a damning article.

So what have we learned today? It is simply this "Things are STILL going to" and anyone who buys a Dell product, with all the info out there saying they should do otherwise, is going straight to Dell Hell. No amount of blather from the talking heads at Direct2Dell or from Micheal Dell himself is changing anything anytime soon!

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