Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dell in Competition for "Worst Company in America"

Way to go Dell! Yet again we dredge up more evidence of the continuing failure of Dell to make inroads with the consumer... the endless drivel served up on the Direct2Dell website somehow manages to ignore the reality on the ground. Kind of like watching President Bush when he talks about the situation in Iraq, lots of truth in there but a pretty fair amount of dis-connect, propaganda and half truths as well. (And keep in mind please that I support the war in Iraq and have always done so!)

So this week we bring you a bit of fun... over at http://consumerist.com Dell is featured in Round 19 of "Worst Company in America" and in this fantasy league styled series of articles they have Dell squaring off against Home Depot, no slouches themselves at crap customer service and shoddy products!

Here is the summary of Dell... Quote: "Formerly the king of direct to customer PC sales, Dell now has a well-deserved reputation for abysmal bad customer service ever since they outsourced their Home and Home Office customer service departments (secret trick: always order from Small Business, it's US based and the reps and techs still know what they're doing). Horror stories of botched warranty repairs abound. Just Google "Dell Hell" and you'll know what the company is so reviled." End Quote.

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