Friday, September 7, 2007

Apple shows the way, Dell lost in the woods.

A very interesting lesson in Customer Service and core values was highlighted yesterday by the announcement by Apple that they would be refunding customers who purchased iphones from Apple in the last two months.

The phones were originally priced at $200 above current prices and the thousands of customers who bought phones at the inflated price will now receive a $100 rebate on the phones purchased at the higher price.

Wait a minute... a company sells a product, then decides to lower prices and in order not to loose customers who previously bought products at the higher price, are VOLUNTEERING to rebate customers???????

Who would have thought.

Now, is there anything to be learned by all this? Well, Apple sold 42% more laptops this quarter than they did last year, so obviously something is being done right...

Dell on the other hand? Well, stay tuned tomorrow when we do our monthly review of the numbers...

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Brian said...

This is one step in the right direction and it puts Apple in a good light. Apple isn't a heartless corporation, I was quite surprised when Apple offered the $100 rebate. When Apple dropped the price I was of the opinion that early adopters paid a premium for being the first kid on the block with an iPhone.